Hand-turned, original wood burial urns for people or pets.

Burial Urns or Cremation Urns
 are available in various sizes. The volume required is determined by a simple conversion: one pound of body weight is equal to one cubic inch of urn space. You may decide to keep the cremated remains in one large urn or share them with family members.
These are some ideas that may help you decide.
  • Token Cremation Urns
    are small vessels which may hold only a few ounces. The remains of a loved one or pet can be shared among family members in two or more urns. Another option is to scatter a small portion of the ashes and keep the remainder in smaller urns.
  • Keepsake Cremation Urns
    are medium-sized urns that may be used when some ashes are scattered and the remainder is kept in a slightly smaller urn.
  • Adult Cremation Urns
    the largest, will vary in size based on the total volume required.
Lidded Vessel or Traditional shape

As style options, I offer a hollow form with a hand-chased threaded lid as shown in the photo above. In addition, I can fill custom orders of your design in a traditional, rectilinear shape. Please contact me with your requirements.


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